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How to Download Apps on Apple TV——All about Apple TV

2022-08-02 / Ryo

Apple TV is an HDTV set-top box. It allows users to watch TV programs online and stream photos, videos, and music from iPad, Mac, iPhone, iPods, and PC to their TV through Airplay. Its greatest features are that you can download apps and games you want using an iPhone-style App Store. Over 1000 apps and games provide wonderful movies and shows, fantastic music, recipes, and even shopping for you to choose from and download. So how to download apps on Apple TV? Fret not, this article will tell you everything about Apple TV. Just stick with us.

How to download apps on Apple TV

Apple TV offers movies and TV shows from popular streaming services, like Apple TV+, and subscriptions to premium channels, like HBO Max, Disney Plus, and so on. As for finding and installing apps on Apple TV, it is simple and straightforward. Because it is similar to the process of it on your iPhone or iPad. The steps are below:

How to Download Apps on Apple TV

Step1 navigate to the App Store using the Apple TV remote or your iPhone (as a remote)

It is from the Apple TV home screen.

Step2 search for the App you want to download

If you don’t know the name of the App, you can use the five navigation icons at the top to find the app you want to add to. The five navigation options are:

  • Discover: Contains curated lists of apps and games, along with groups of the most popular ones by category
  • Apps: Shows popular video apps and lets you browse by categories
  • Games: Dedicated to standalone game apps you can download one at a time
  • Arcade: Showcases apps that are part of theApple Arcadeplatform, giving you access to a pre-selected library of games for a single monthly fee
  • Purchased: Lets you browse apps that you've bought or downloaded on other devices that are compatible with Apple TV

The instructions are the same, no matter what app you want to download, HBO Max, Disney plus, Peacock.

Step3 click the Get button or select the price to purchase the service and install it. Because some apps are free, and others need a subscription.

how to download apps on apple tv

Note that if your Apple TV is 3rd generation or older, you are restricted to pre-installed applications, which means you can only update the built-in apps. But if you have the Apple TV 4K or the fourth generation, you will have access to thousands of free or paid apps.

Can you download the Apple TV on your smart TV?

The answer is yes, you can download the app on Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Roku, Samsung, Sony, and so on. For a full list of compatible devices, click this.

How to install the Apple TV app on a smart TV?

What is the Apple TV app?

Library in the Apple TV app - Apple الدعم (الإمارات)

With the Apple TV app, you can subscribe to and watchthe Apple TV+ (a streaming service featuring Apple originals). More than that, you can start watching on your smart TV, streaming device, or gaming console with this app. Watch everything, all your TV shows, movies, and more in one place.

How to download the Apple TV app on your device?

Before downloading the app, make sure your device’s version is the latest. (Some devices can update automatically giving you access to the app, like Amazon Fire TV devices)

Step1: go to your device’s app store and search for the Apple TV app or Apple TV+ app.

Step2: download it and open the App

Step3: sign in to your Apple ID

Note that the Apple TV app andApple TV+ appfeatures and supported devices also might vary by country and region.

What is the difference between Apple TV and Apple TV Plus?

Apple TV Plus is Apple’s streaming service, corresponding to Netflix, Hulu, or HBO Max, giving you a huge gallery of original content. And users can use the Apple TV Plus within the Apple TV app, that is to say, the Apple TV offers more content and has more options. In the Apple TV app, you can watch much content from Showtime, Starz, Paramount+, and more by using your Apple ID and subscribing directly to Apple TV channels.

Can you download movies from Apple TV Plus to watch offline?

of course, if you have a subscription to Apple TV+ or an Apple TV channel, then you can download its content to watch offline. When you are heading on a long-haul flight or commuting without an internet connection, downloading movies or shows you like will be great entertainment. (Downloading content from the Apple TV app on Apple TV, smart TVs, streaming devices, is not available)

There's aseven-day trial period before you subscribe. After it, you need to spend $4.99/month or $49.99/year and the account is for a family sharing group of up to six family members. The content you download will be available for 30 days but some content may expire sooner. Some Apple TV channels may limit how many titles can be downloaded at a time; if you hit that limit, a message will give you a heads-up to delete some previous content.

How to download movies from Apple TV+?

  1. Launch the Apple TV app on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac, and open it
  2. Search for the movies or shows you want to download
  3. Tap the download icon
  4. Once finished the download, find it in the Library section

How to download movies and shows from Apple TV Plus using StreamFab Apple TV Plus Downloader?

StreamFab Apple TV Plus Downloader is a powerful and popular downloader that allows you to get access to download original shows and movies from Apple TV+.

Key features of StreamFab Apple TV Plus Downloader

Download videos from all Apple TV+ supported countries

You can download Apple TV+ videos, movies, and TV shows across all the regional sites without a VPN

Save downloaded Apple TV+ videos in MP4/MKV format

You can download Apple TV+ videos in 1080p and AAC 2.0 audio track and save them onto your computer as MP4 files

Get metadata information downloaded

With the metadata information downloaded, you can easily build your own local media library to manage all your videos with a media server

Make full use of Batch mode and fast speed feature

It allows you to choose multiple videos, even an entire season of episodes, to download; and the fast speed saves you a great time to download videos, only 10 to 20 minutes are needed to get a movie downloaded.

Download subtitles in SRT files or remux them directly into the video

Subtitles play an important role in a video and they can be downloaded along with the video if you use this Apple TV+ downloader.

How to use StreamFab Apple TV Plus Downloader

Step 1 Download and install the StreamFab Apple TV Plus Downloader

First, download and install theStreamFab Apple TV Plus Downloader. Then click on the “VIP Service” option from the left column. A list of all the supported streaming platforms will appear on the software interface, select the Apple TV+.

Step2 Enter your Apple ID and search for a video you want to download

When you log in to your account, choose and play a video from the Apple TV+ streaming site.

Step3 Your download starts automatically when you watch the video

While your video is playing, a pop-up appears urging you to select your download preferences. Select your video location and click on download. Remember that you can either download one video at a time or schedule to download multiple videos simultaneously.

Wrapping up

In this article, we introduce how to download apps on Apple TV, how to download the Apple TV app to your devices, what’s the difference between the Apple TV app and Apple TV+, and how to download movies from Apple TV+. Hope these are useful for you.

As for downloading movies and shows from Apple TV+, you can download Apple TV+ videos in up to 1080p quality and AAC 2.0 audio track to stream offline at a super high speed, with the metadata info, save them in different formats, and any location of your choice using the StreamFab Apple TV Plus Downloader.

So what are you waiting for? Go get your StreamFab Apple TV Plus Downloader today and enjoy unlimited video downloads.